HackQE is set to be a record-setting event that will take place between March 13th-14th, where hundreds of students across the world will join our unique virtual event hosted by the students of Queen Elizabeth's School, a prestigious and well known school in the UK. We would love for you to join us and learn, compete and perfect your coding and innovation skills. Join our discord for more info about scheduling, event information etc. : https://discord.gg/TV6VsEpgEQ 


Every student across the world with an internet connection and a device is invited to take part. Signup information can be found at: https://hackqe.live/signup


Please submit either a video and/or the Github or Replit link for your project, as well as a short explenation on what the project is, how it was made, and who is in the team.

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$615 in prizes

1st Place - Amazon Gift Voucher

Stickers & Custom Swag - 1st Place

EchoAR - Amazon Gift Voucher

Wolfram Alpha 1 year Free

1st Place - DigitalOcean

Custom Swag + Stickers - 2nd Place Overall

Best Beginner Hack

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Judging Criteria

  • Submission
    We will be judging on the creativity and implementation of the idea you've presented, even if it isn't finished.

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