We at HackQE want to keep the event as friendly and awesome as possible, so we have some rules that need to be abided by:

1) Every Attendee should join our discord, for interaction with the judges, organizers, and other hackers: https://discord.gg/TV6VsEpgEQ

2) Repeat submissions are not allowed - the submission to this hackathon must be unique to itself.

3) Avoid use of explicit language

4) Be Kind, not toxic. We're all programmers/innovaters like you, and we all get frustrated, but its never nice to take it out on someone else

5) Use your common sense.

6) The submission must not be a pre-existing submission - it must have only started from the beginning of the Hackathon.

7) Finally, enjoy yourselves. We made this event so developers could meet, compete, and chill. So go out there, and have fun!